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The Used Car Dealership You Need

Used Car Sales in Saint Paul, MN

From time to time, it’s right to get yourself a new car—or a car that’s new to you. When you want to find the perfect ride for your requirements and needs, come to Avenue Motor Sales in Saint Paul, MN. Our used car sales are unmatched in the area, featuring great prices and a wide selection.

The Used Car You Need

When you’re looking for a new car, come to our auto lot at Avenue Motor Sales. Our wide selection of vehicles runs an excellent range, from small, gas-efficient commuters to large work-ready trucks. We also have vehicles from a large number of manufacturers, including foreign, luxury, and domestic. We’ll work closely with you and discuss your unique needs to discover which of our large range of vehicles would be most perfect for you. Visit our lot today to see our full range of cars.

Excellence in Honesty

When you come to Avenue Motor Sales, you can trust that we’re being honest with you. We know that many people are concerned about the honesty of their dealership. When you come to our used car sales lot, you can rest easy knowing that we know our cars inside and out and won’t mislead you just to make a sale. We know that our business is built on generational and return customers, so ripping you off is the worst possible business decision. Plus, it’s just not right.

Visit Our Lot Today

If a new-to-you car is what you need, turn to Avenue Motor Sales. We’ll work with you to find the best car for your needs at an honest and affordable price. Call us today for more information about our current stock.